Summer Course: Evolution and Medicine Course at Mt. Desert Island

08-Aug-2011 - 14-Aug-2011

Evolution and Medicine One-Week Summer Course at Mt Desert Island
Biological Laboratories

Publication of a recent special issue
of PNAS on Evolution in Health and Medicine has led to inquiries from
many health professionals about how to learn more. In response, an
intensive course will be offered the week of August 8th, 2011 at the
Mt Desert Island Biological Laboratories, located off the coast of
Maine in Arcadia National Park. The faculty will include Carl
Bergstrom (University of Washington), Peter Gluckman (University of
Auckland), Peter Ellison (Harvard University), Randolph Nesse
(University of Michigan), and Stephen Stearns (Yale University).

The course will provide the 20 participants with an introduction
to how health professionals can apply the principles of evolutionary
biology in clinical, research, and educational settings. No prior
background is required, but advance reading will be helpful for those
new to the field. Admission preference will be given to early
applicants, and to faculty who are teaching or planning to teach about
evolutionary applications in medicine, however clinicians and
researchers will be warmly welcomed. CME credit may be available.
The tuition of $600-1500 will depend on the participant's discipline,
level of training, and need for CME/university credit. Tuition
includes all meals, but not lodging, which is available nearby.

To receive more detailed information about the course, and to be
considered for admission, send a brief note to that describes your background,
current position, and why this course would be of interest. Use the
same email address to add your name to a list for notification about
related future opportunities. For special questions, please contact
Randolph Nesse at a>. Updates will be posted on The Evolution and Medicine Review. href="">