Analogies in the evolution of gender expression and sexual strategies in plants and animals

10-Sep-2008 - 14-Sep-2008
Volkswagen Foundation

Workshop: Analogies in the evolution of gender expression and sexual
strategies in plants and animals (Germany, 2008)
September 10-14, 2008 (including arrival and departure days)

Application deadline: January 31st, 2008

Current research on the evolution of reproductive strategies and genderexpression still tends to proceed almost independently between botanists and zoologists. Yet, the evolutionary processes involved are often complementary, indicating that linkage of ideas between both fields would be highly beneficial. This cross-disciplinary workshop therefore addresses the analogies in reproductive evolution between plants and animals (with a focus on hermaphrodite mating systems). The meeting brings together empiricists and theoreticians from both disciplines. Major topics to be covered include phylogenetic patterns of gender expression and their transitions, the role of mate competition in shaping sexual strategies, and the role of selfing/outcrossing/mixedmating systems.

Application: In your e-mail application, please provide the following information:
1. Full affiliation and contact details
2. Preliminary title for your workshop contribution, as well as the
preferred type of presentation (oral or poster)
3. In order to facilitate the potentially necessary selection of participants, please also outline the topics to be addressed in your
contribution in a 2-3 sentence statement
4. Would you require partial travel refund: Yes/No(If yes, your expected total travel costs)

Venue: Sparkassen-Akademie Neuhausen (Germany), a conference hotel easily reached from Stuttgart International Airport. Accommodation is on site.

Meeting style: Workshop with max. 60 participants, facilitating discussion of current research highlights, joint project applications and future research collaborations.

Funding: The workshop is generously supported by the Volkswagen foundation, enabling us to offer free bed & breakfast, no conference fees and an option for partial travel refunds.

Costs: Local costs to be covered by all attendants include meals (lunch, dinner) and beverages.

Type of contributions: The number of oral contributions is restricted to 30. Oral presentations must meet the scope of the workshop by presenting broader perspectives relevant to the evolution of reproductive strategies in plants and/or animals. Poster presentations are possible, as is participation in the meeting without any formal contribution.

We are looking forward to receiving your application emails.

With kind regards
Nils Anthes & Nico K. Michiels

Tentatively confirmed speakers include...G. Bernasconi, P. Crowley, L. Harder, P. Jarne, J. Jokkela, P. Klinkhamer, A. Lankinen, P.L. Munday, J. Pannell, M. Schilthuizen, R. Warner, S. Weeks,...

***Generously funded by Volkswagen Foundation***

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