Model-based Phylogeography course at the AMNH Southwestern Research Station

05-Apr-2010 - 09-Apr-2010

Course Advertisement: Model-based Phylogeography course at the AMNH
Southwestern Research Station near Portal, New Mexico. This course will
cover several advanced topics in model-based approaches to the analysis
of phylogeographic data, including those based on Monte Carlo
simulations and parametric bootstrapping, approximate Bayesian
computation, various power analyses, species delimitation, and
hypothesis testing. Participants will be asked to bring their own data
to the course, and the design and implementation of analyses for
individual data sets will be emphasized. To facilitate these analyses,
students will learn some basics of UNIX and R.

Course requirements: participants must bring a laptop computer running
either Mac OSX or Linux operating systems. We suggest that participants
install R and PERL prior to arrival, as well as several other open
source programs (ms, seq-gen, msBayes, popABC, DIYABC, STEM, Mesquite,
). Participants will have access to wireless internet at the SWRS, and
will be encouraged to conduct analyses remotely on servers at their
universities. Prospective students should send a brief letter and a CV
by January 20, 2009 to .
In the letter, please indicate how model-based phylogeography would
enhance your research program and describe the data that you would like
to analyze. We prioritize participants with data from empirical systems
that can be analyzed during the workshop.

Bryan Carstens, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
Mike Hickerson, Assistant Professor, Queens College, City University of
New York
Naoki Takebayashi, Associate Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Course Dates: Participants will arrive at the SWRS on Sunday, April 4th.
There will be a brief reception Sunday evening, and the first classroom
session will begin on Monday, April 5th. The workshop will end at noon
on Friday, April 9th.

Course Fees: (including room & board at the SWRS) will be $950


Bryan C. Carstens
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Louisiana State University

202 Life Sciences Building
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803



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(225) 578-0960

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