02-Oct-2009 - 02-Oct-2009

Elie Wollman, who died last year, was one of the pioneers who established Molecular Genetics. Together with Francois Jacob, he made use of the "sexuality of bacteria" to decipher the nature of the conjugation process in bacteria, as well as the basis of prophage induction. He played also a key role in the modernization of the Pasteur Institute. A meeting in his honor will take place at the Institut Pasteur Paris, on October 2. It will encompass the following themes:

Historical accounts: Charles Galperin, Michel Morange. The nature of viruses: Max Gottesman, Patrick Forterre. Horizontal gene transfers and phylogeny in the bacterial kingdoms : Simonetta Gribaldo, Elisabeth Carniel. From single colonies to single molecules: Jean-François Allemand. Conjugation and recombination. Where do we stand? Miroslav Radman.

Registration is free but, because space is limited, pre-registration will be required at:

The meeting comprises two events: An exhibit. Starting with the day of the meeting, it will describe Wollman's scientific achievements and its administrative career