Ecological and evolutionary genomics of coral reef organisms

07-Jul-2008 - 11-Jul-2008

The 11th International Coral Reef Symposium science program will address scientific questions within the framework of a series of Mini-Symposia developed to address problems and issues on contemporary coral reefs that will assist management to sustain future reefs.

The central theme for the 11th ICRS is "REEFS FOR THE FUTURE". The Symposium goals are to provide a scientific basis for coral reef ecosystem management by articulating the state of the science with respect to current and emerging stressors; improve the understanding of reef condition, function, and productivity; and grow the fields of coral reef ecosystem science, conservation, and multidisciplinary research by facilitating the exchange of ideas. We have invited four distinguished speakers to provide a broad perspective on the main questions posed by the Mini-Symposium. [ more ]