Symposium Conservation Genetics

08-Dec-2008 - 08-Dec-2008

International symposium:

New opportunities for conservation genetics with genome wide information

Monday 8th December 2008, 09.00-17.00, Hotel De Nieuwe Wereld, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Genetic diversity is of vital importance to cope with changing environments and human demands. Currently genetic diversity is under threat, both in the wild and in crops and domestic animals. With the rapid development of molecular biology, methods to measure genetic variability in detail across the entire genome are available. This symposium explores the new possibilities for genetic conservation opened up by the latest molecular technologies.

In the morning various invited speakers will give an overview of conservation genetics research, related to plant and animal genetic resources, including the (potential) use of new molecular techniques.
Amongst them are:

Professor John Woolliams (Roslin Institute, UK): From animal genetic resources to the animal genomic revolution

Dr. Theo van Hintum (CGN, NL): Conserving and mining plant genetic resources using knowledge of the genome

Dr. Richard Crooijmans (WUR, NL): New molecular technologies in animal biodiversity

In the afternoon, short presentations will be given by researchers and PhDstudents who are working in the area of conservation genetics.

This symposium is organized by the working group Biodiversity within the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre (ABGC) of the Animal Sciences Group,in collaboration with the Graduate School Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences (WIAS), the Graduate School for Production Ecology and Resource Conservation (PE&RC) and the Centre of Genetic Resources The Netherlands
Kor Oldenbroek (WIAS, CGN)
Krista Engelsma (ABGC,CGN)

Admission is free, after registration.
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