Computational Phylogenetics and Molecular Systematics

16-Nov-2007 - 19-Nov-2007
Moscow State University (MSU) and Kharkevich Institute

The conference commemorates the 50 years since the first experimental study on molecular
systematics was published in Russia, which marked the onset of contemporary molecular
phylogenetics and a number of related disciplines, including molecular biology, evolutionary
biology, biochemistry, computer science, and bioinformatics. The conference is aimed at
gathering leading scientists from Russia and abroad in computational biology, genomics,
theory and application of comparative analysis of genetic blueprints. The conference mission
is to provide a stimulating platform for exchange of ideas and experiences,
cross-disciplinary interactions, and long-term national and international collaborations.
Participation of postgraduate and postdoctoral fellows is encouraged to foster development
of the next generation professional network. [ more ]