General Evolution Resources

National Evolutionary Synthesis Center Education and Outreach Group

The NESCent site includes information about education initiatives at NESCent, resources for educators and products, including previous NABT symposia.

AAAS Evolution on the Front Line

Resources and information on recent evolutionary research.


American Institute of Biological Sciences' Evolution Section
Read articles and interviews about evolution and find links to educator resources. Part of AIBS's education website with information to help inform decision making about challenges facing society.

Access Excellence

This site has a variety of educational resources, including interactive problems, lessons developed by educators, and images.


This site contains computer based tools and problem spaces developed by the educational community.

Evolution and the Nature of Science (ENSI)

This site has lesson plans and general information about evolution, the nature of science, origin of life and genetics.

Evolutionary Science and Society: Educating a New Generation

Evolutionary Science and Society: Activities for the Classroom

This collection of essays and evolution-focused activities was designed by BSCS to accompany the 2004 Evolutionary Science and Society: Educating a New Generation symposium.

Howard Hughes Medical Institutes

The 2011 Holiday Lectures on Human Evolution and the 2005 Lectures on Evolution

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)

This site has a collection of lessons and resources from educators on a variety of topics.

The New York Times on Darwin and Evolution

This page includes an archive of materials from the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species as well as recent columns by Olivia Judson and Sean Carroll on evolution.

NSF: Evolution of Evolution

From the National Science Foundation
This site includes interviews with and essays by a variety of scientists in honor of the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species.

PBS Evolution Series

This series covers various aspects of evolution. The web site has resources for educators and students, including video clips, lessons, and interactive activities.

Understanding Evolution

This site is for middle and high school students, teachers, as well as undergraduate students and faculty, and includes articles, lesson plans and general information. The site has recently been updated and offers many new features as well, such as an interactive syllabus and Evo Connections slide sets.