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Enter your evolution-themed video   (Deadline May 31, 2013)

Scientists of all stripes are invited to enter the third annual Evolution Video Competition. To enter, please submit a video that explains a fun fact, key concept, compelling question, or exciting area of evolution research in three minutes or less. The winners will receive a travel allowance to attend the scientific meeting of their choice. READ MORE>>

Bringing evolutionary science to the community

Every year NESCent sends teams of scientists to America’s heartland to mark Darwin’s birthday. The idea is to bring evolutionary science to schools that aren’t likely to have the same access to resources as their counterparts in larger cities. This year we're doing it again. Read about previous years in U.S. News & World Report: READ MORE>>

call for Proposals

Upcoming Events

Explaining cultural diversity: A new evolutionary synthesis
31-Oct-2014 ~ 4-Nov-2014  Meeting
New resources for ancient organisms – enabling dragonfly genomics
3-Nov-2014 ~ 7-Nov-2014  Meeting
BBL: Evolution of silver nanoparticle resistance in Escherichia coli
5-Nov-2014  Seminar
SimBank: Planning population genetic simulations to test statistical genetics software
10-Nov-2014 ~ 12-Nov-2014  Meeting
BBL: Big mouths or strong bites: what drives the evolution of the feeding apparatus in primates?
12-Nov-2014  Seminar