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Seminars from other institutes within the triangle area.

Date Event Type Title Leaders
11-Aug-2014 ~ 14-Aug-2014MeetingExplaining cultural diversity: A new evolutionary synthesisMichael Gavin (Colorado State University)
12-Aug-2014 ~ 14-Aug-2014MeetingThe Perils of Being Bipedal: an Evolutionary Perspective on Human Musculoskeletal DisordersLinda Spurlock (Kent State University)
Bruce Latimer (Case Western Reserve University)
18-Aug-2014 ~ 20-Aug-2014MeetingLearning Evolution from the Fossil Record: K-12 Explorations in Deep TimeRoy Plotnick (University of Illinois-Chicago)
Pedro Marenco (Bryn Mawr College)
Dena Smith (University of Colorado-Boulder)
Margaret Yacobucci (Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green,OH))
25-Aug-2014 ~ 29-Aug-2014CourseNESCent Academy Course: Phylogenetic Analysis Using RevBayesSebastian Hohna (University of California-Berkeley)
Michael Landis (University of California-Berkeley)
Tracy Heath (University of California-Berkeley)
John Huelsenbeck (University of California-Berkeley)
Brian Moore (University of California-Davis)
Tanja Stadler (Institut of Integrative Biologie)
Fredrik Ronquist (Swedish Museum of Natural History )
Bastien Boussau (Universit´┐Ż de Lyon)