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Seminars from other institutes within the triangle area.

Date Event Type Title Leaders
14-Jul-2014 ~ 20-Jul-2014CourseNext-generation Sequencing Data for Phylogenetics and PhylogeographyFrank Burbrink (College of Staten Island/CUNY)
Paul Frandsen (Rutgers University)
Seth Bybee (Brigham Young University)
Dave Weisrock (University of Kentucky)
Emily Lemmon (Florida State University (Tallahassee,FL))
Paul Hime (University of Kentucky)
Jeremy Brown (Louisiana State University )
Cecile Ane (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Alan Lemmon (Florida State University)
14-Jul-2014 ~ 18-Jul-2014MeetingAdvancing genetic diversity research in the Indo-PacificCynthia Riginos (University of Queensland)
Rob Toonen (University of Hawaii)
Eric Crandall (University of California-Santa Cruz)
21-Jul-2014 ~ 25-Jul-2014MeetingBuilding non-model species genome curation communitiesMonica C Munoz-Torres (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
22-Jul-2014 ~ 29-Jul-2014CoursePaleobiological and Phylogenetic Approaches to MacroevolutionLars Schmitz (Keck Graduate Institute (Claremont,CA))
Graham Slater (National Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian Institution)
Samantha Price (University of California-Davis)
Roger Benson (University of Oxford)
Daniel Rabosky (University of Michigan)
Gene Hunt (Smithsonian Institution)
Samantha Hopkins (University of Oregon)
24-Jul-2014 ~ 27-Jul-2014MeetingIntegrating Evolutionary Models of Human Fertility ChangeRebecca Sear (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Daniel Hruschka (Arizona State University)
Mary Shenk (University of Missouri (Columbia,MO))