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Seminars from other institutes within the triangle area.

Date Event Type Title Leaders
4-May-2015 ~ 5-May-2015MeetingTriCEM-DTCI-NESCent Catalysis Meeting on Biodiversity, Conservation and Infectious Disease Charles Nunn (Duke University)
Hillary Young (University of California-Santa Barbara)
Jeff Vincent (Duke University)
Gavin Smith (Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School)
8-May-2015 ~ 10-May-2015MeetingEvolutionary ecology of primate life historiesKaren B Strier (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Susan C Alberts (Duke University)
11-May-2015 ~ 15-May-2015MeetingBuilding non-model species genome curation communities Monica C Munoz-Torres (University of California)
Alexie Papanicolaou (University of Western Sydney)
18-May-2015 ~ 21-May-2015MeetingExplaining cultural diversity: A new evolutionary synthesisMichael Gavin (Colorado State University)
18-May-2015 ~ 22-May-2015MeetingLinking self-fertilization, dispersal and distribution traits of species: Is Baker’s law an exception to the rule? Pierre-Olivier Cheptou (Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive)
April M Randle (University of San Francisco)
Susan Kalisz (University of Pittsburgh)
22-May-2015 ~ 24-May-2015MeetingIntegrating Evolutionary Models of Human Fertility ChangeRebecca Sear (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Mary Shenk (University of Missouri)