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Seminars from other institutes within the triangle area.

Date Event Type Title Leaders
3-Dec-2014SeminarPostdoc Professional DevelopmentCraig R McClain (National Center for Evolutionary Synthesis)
8-Dec-2014 ~ 11-Dec-2014MeetingIntegrating Evolutionary Models of Human Fertility ChangeMary Shenk (University of Missouri (Columbia,MO))
Rebecca Sear (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Daniel Hruschka (Arizona State University)
8-Dec-2014 ~ 11-Dec-2014MeetingReproducible Science Hackathon: Curriculum & Workflow DevelopmentHilmar Lapp (NESCent)
Ciera Martinez (University of California-Davis)
Francois Michonneau (Florida Museum of Natural History)
Tracy Teal (Michigan State University)
Karen Cranston (NESCent)
Matt Pennell (University of Idaho)
10-Dec-2014SeminarBBL: Variation in sex differences; theoretical and empirical perspectives Courtney L Fitzpatrick (NESCent)
17-Dec-2014SeminarEvolution and Systems Biology of Malaria Host-Pathogen Interactions - Building the FrameworkJessica Kissinger (University of Georgia)
18-Dec-2014 ~ 20-Dec-2014MeetingAdvancing Theory and Research on Scientific SynthesisEdward Hackett (Arizona State University)
John Parker (Arizona State University)