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Seminars from other institutes within the triangle area.

Date Event Type Title Leaders
1-Oct-2014SeminarBBL: Physical and ecological parameters driving the evolution of bioluminescence Kate Thomas (Duke University)
6-Oct-2014 ~ 8-Oct-2014MeetingEvolution and community ecology of host-associated microbiotaTom Schmidt (University of Michigan)
Elena Litchman (Michigan State University (East Lansing,MI))
7-Oct-2014 ~ 9-Oct-2014MeetingAdvancing knowledge of evolutionary and ecological immunologyClint Kelly (Université du Québec à Montréal)
8-Oct-2014SeminarPostdoc Professional Development Craig R McClain (National Center for Evolutionary Synthesis)
13-Oct-2014 ~ 15-Oct-2014MeetingScaling evolution from genomes to ecosystems in peatmosses (Sphagnum)Jon Shaw (Duke University)
Merritt Turetsky (University of Guelph)
David Weston (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
15-Oct-2014SeminarBBL: Parsing neutral and adaptive explanations for discordant latitudinal clines in a marine fish: implications for phenotypic evolution in a warming worldElizabeth J Sbrocco (NESCent)
16-Oct-2014 ~ 19-Oct-2014MeetingToward a unified evolutionary theory of decision-making in animalsTamra Mendelson (University of Maryland - Baltimore County)
Rebecca Safran (University of Colorado)
Mark Hauber (CUNY Hunter College and Grad Center)
17-Oct-2014 ~ 18-Oct-2014MeetingDeveloping Best Practices for Teaching Evolution in the Social SciencesCristine Legare (The University of Texas at Austin (Austin,TX))
Andrew Shtulman (Occidental College)
John Opfer (Ohio State University)
21-Oct-2014 ~ 23-Oct-2014MeetingBeeBiome:Omic approaches for understanding bee-microbe relationshipsPhilipp Engel (University of Lausanne)
Benjamin Dainat (Swiss Bee Research Centre - Agroscope)
Joachim Rodrigues de Miranda (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
22-Oct-2014SeminarDirector's Seminar: Do microbial community assembly processes matter for ecosystem function? Diana Nemergut (University of Colorado-Boulder)
23-Oct-2014 ~ 25-Oct-2014MeetingTesting theories for the evolution of genomic imprintingHamish Spencer (University of Otago (New Zealand))
Jason Wolf (University of Bath)
29-Oct-2014SeminarDirector's Seminar: Shining Evolutionary Light on Mammalian Sleep and Human Sleep DisordersCharles Nunn (Duke University)
31-Oct-2014 ~ 4-Nov-2014MeetingExplaining cultural diversity: A new evolutionary synthesisMichael Gavin (Colorado State University)