NESCent Post-doctoral Fellows Moving On


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Kirsten Fisher will be taking a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at CSU Los Angeles. In addition to teaching, she will be developing a research program that focuses on the systematics and phylogeography of California bryophytes. She is particularly interested in exploring the possible link between physiological specialization (involving traits such as desiccation tolerance) and cryptic phylogenetic diversification in mosses. Kirsten says, "My time as a postdoc at NESCent has afforded me the opportunity to develop professionally, both in terms of refining and expanding my own research interests, as well as forming valuable contacts and collaborations with researchers outside my immediate area of specialization."

David Kidd will be taking a post-doctoral position at the Population Biology unit at Imperial College London (Silwood Park) with a remit of developing scientific portals to various spatial and longitudinal data sets. The job will involve liaison with Microsoft Research in Cambridge.

Samantha Price is going to a post-doc with Peter Wainwright at UC Davis, and Gordon Burleigh will be taking a position as an assistant professor at the University of Florida.

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