NESCent at the Evolution 2008 meetings


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NESCent kicks off the Evolution 2008 meeting with the Evolutionary Biology and Ontologies workshop on June 19. Come by the NESCent booth to learn more about opportunities at NESCent for Post-doctoral Fellows, Sabbatical Scholars, Short-Term Visitors, working groups and catalysis meetings, or join NESCent for breakfast on June 22, from 7:30-9:00am at the Humphrey Center Atrium.

During the conference people from NESCent will be giving a variety of presentations. Jim Balhoff, Research Programmer, will be presenting a poster on the Phenoscape project and Brian O’Meara, a post-doctoral fellow, will have a poster on the Comparative Methods in R Hackathon. Brian will also be giving a talk on his program TreeTapper. Rob Pennock, a Sabbatical Scholar, will be chairing the SSE Education committee, giving a talk on the Avida ED program at the Education Symposium and presenting a poster on digital organisms. The Dryad Roadshow will be presented by Ryan Scherle, Data Repository Architect. David Kidd and Samantha Price, both post-doctoral fellows, will be giving presentations. David will be talking about his work in Merging Phylogenetic Biology and Spatial Ecology.

Our Director, Kathleen Smith, will be at the meetings as will Todd Vision, the Associate Director of Informatics. Jory Weintraub, from the Education and Outreach Group, will be working with the Undergraduate Diversity Program organized by Scott Edwards and co-sponsored by NESCent. Kristin Jenkins, also from the Education and Outreach Group, will also be at the meetings. We look forward to meeting you!

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