Phyloinformatics Summer of Code 2007


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A collaborative Phyloinformatics Group, sponsored by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center is working to develop user-interfaces, improve software interoperability and support data exchange standards in evolutionary bioinformatics. The specific projects are diverse in nature and range from the development of AJAX components for web-based bioinformatics applications, managing workflows using approaches from functional and logic programming, and developing data exchange standards for phylogenetic substitution models.

The Phyloinformatics group will be sponsoring student collaborators through the Google Summer of Code program which provides undergraduate, masters and PhD students with a unique opportunity (over three summer months) to obtain hands-on experience writing and extending open-source software under the mentorship of experienced developers from around the world.

We are particularly targeting students interested in both evolutionary biology and software development. Students will have one or more dedicated mentors with expertise in phylogenetic methods and open- source software development. Our project proposals are flexible and can be adjusted in scope to match the skills of students with less programming proficiency. If the program sounds interesting to you but you are unsure whether you have the necessary skills, please email the mentors at We will work with those who are genuinely interested to find a project that fits your interest and skills. Students will receive a stipend from Google and will be invited to participate in future collaborative events such as the NESCent Phyloinformatics Hackathons.

Students must apply on-line at the Google Summer of Code website. The application period for students is now open and ends on Saturday, March 24, 2007 (one week from now).

More information is available on the Phyloinformatics Summer of Code project and ideas page which also contains links to the GSoC program rules, eligibility requirements, and stipend payment mechanism. We encourage all interested students to email any questions, or self-proposed project ideas, to This will reach all prospective mentors.

Eligibility requirements for students

Stipend for students

For more information, contact Hilmar Lapp, Assistant Director for Informatics.
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