New Awards Announced


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Sabbatical Scholars

Michael Antolin - Sabbatical book project: Genetics of small populations

Christian D'Orgeix - Evolution courses, mountaintop lizards and a view toward the future research

Elizabeth Lacey - Temperature and the evolution of floral design

Robert Pennock - Darwinian design: From artificial life to evolving intelligence

Post-doctoral Fellows

Josh Auld - Evaluating the effects of inbreeding on dispersal

Carlos Botero - Evolution of conventional signals: From individuals to populations and back

Alison Boyer - A synthetic database of avian biodiversity on Pacific Islands

Marc Lajeunesse - Meta-analysis and the comparative phylogenetic method

Trina Roberts - Sticky tips and misplaced roots: Is there a bias in intraspecific phylogenetics?

Stephen Smith - Integrating species distribution modeling and phylogenetics

Short-term Visitors

Oliver Eulenstein - Gene tree parsimony for genome-scale studies

David Houle - Measurement theory and evolutionary rates

Working Groups

Floral assembly: Quantifying the composition of a complex adaptive structure.
PIs Charles Fenster, Scott Armbruster, Pamela Diggle

Building tools for emerging model systems in Development, Evolution, and Ecology
PIs Scott Hodges, Elena Kramer, Hopi Hoekstra

Catalysis Meetings

What role, if any, does heritable epigenetic variation play in phenotypic evolution?
PIs Christina Richards, Oliver Bossdorf, Massimo Pigliucci

Perspectives on the origin and conservation of biodiversity in Patagonia.
PIs Jack Sites, Daniel faith

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