Evolution: Applications in Human Health and Populations


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NESCent and the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) co-sponsor a day-long Evolution Symposium at the NABT Annual Conference. This year the theme is “EVOLUTION: Applications in Human Health and Populations”. Speakers will address how studying evolution in populations can inform our approach to public health and medical care. Topics range from genomics to ethics and the presentations will be available online following the conference.

A CD of educational resources has been developed to support introduction of this material into the classroom and includes video interviews with participants in the “Evolution in Contemporary Human Populations” catalysis meeting held at NESCent in May. The CD is available on line or a hard copy may be requested from the Education and Outreach Group.

More information about this year’s and previous symposia is available on the NESCent website in the Education and Outreach section.

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