Toxic Newts

From PBS Evolution
Short video overview of the Brodies’ research on coevolution between newts and garter snakes. See Butch Brodie “barf” a garter snake and learn how the Brodies measure garter snake resistance to newt toxins.

Molecular Evidence for Evolutionary Relationships

From the WGBH Teacher’s Domain
"In this activity, students learn about the evolutionary relationship between humans and other organisms, such as yeast. They compare the amino acid sequences in cytochrome-c for a variety of organisms and use this information to infer evolutionary relationships. They also learn about the role of homeobox genes in controlling animal body plans and what this indicates about the evolution of animals."

Evolution: Constant change and common threads

Sean Carroll and David Kingsley discuss their work in evolutionary biology. This collection of lectures and educational resources is available on the HHMI BioInteractive website or on DVD.

Evolution – the Molecular Landscape Interview

From Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Dr. Hoekstra talks about her research in this short video. She gives information about the species she focuses on including how research is done and details about the mice.