NESCent supports sabbatical scholars, post-doctoral fellows, working groups and catalysis meetings. The abstract from each proposal can be found by clicking on the project title.  For more information about when groups are meeting, see the Calendar.

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Catalysis Meeting
Brian Lazzaro (Cornell University (Ithaca,NY))
Lyric Bartholomay (University of Wisconsin)
2016 Ecological Immunology Applied to Vector Biology and Vector-Borne Disease
Samantha Price (University of California-Davis)
Graham Slater (National Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian Institution)
Lars Schmitz (Keck Science Department, Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges)
2013 Paleobiological and Phylogenetic Approaches to Macroevolution
Tracy Heath (University of California-Berkeley)
Bastien Boussau (University of Lyon)
Brian Moore (University of California, Davis)
Fredrik Ronquist (Swedish Museum of Natural History )
John Huelsenbeck (University of California, Berkeley)
Michael Landis (University of California, Berkeley)
Sebastian Hoehna (Stockholm University)
Tanja Stadler (ETH Zurich)
2013 NESCent Academy Course: Phylogenetic Analysis Using RevBayes
Graduate Fellow
Kelly Houck (Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina) 2014 Can gut immunodysregulation induce concurrent adiposity gains and growth restrictions?
Journalist in Residence
Peter Brannen (Freelance) 2016 Mass Extinction and Recovery Book
Long-term Sabbatical
Boris Igic (University of Illinois at Chicago) 2014 The History and Consequences of Self-incompatibility in Flowering Plants
Postdoctoral Fellow
Daniel Ksepka 2012 Large scale patterns of disparity between the fossil record and divergence dating analyses
Fabricia Nascimento 2012 The evolutionary dynamics of endogenous retroviruses
Jonathan Lombard 2012 Early membrane cellular functions: new insights from phylogenetic comparisons
Short-term Visitor
Russell Powell (Boston University (Boston,MA)) 2016 Theoretical Implications of Convergent Evolution: The Tape of Life Reconsidered
Graeme Lloyd (Macquarie University) 2016 Generating new models for detecting phylogenetic signals of endemism and dispersal
Laura Soul (University of Oxford (UNITED KINGDOM)) 2016 Generating new models for detecting phylogenetic signals of endemism and dispersal
Triangle Scholar
Tyler Curtain (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) 2011 Darwin and Nietzsche: evolutionary thought within literary theory
Working Group
Michael Gavin (Colorado State University)
Fiona Jordan (University of Bristol)
Russell Gray (The University of Auckland)
Simon Greenhill (Australian National University)
2013 Explaining cultural diversity: A new evolutionary synthesis
Susan Kalisz (University of Pittsburgh)
April M Randle (Colorado State University)
Pierre-Olivier Cheptou (Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive)
2013 Linking self-fertilization, dispersal and distribution traits of species: Is Baker’s law an exception to the rule?
Cynthia Riginos (University of Queensland)
Eric Crandall (Southwest Fisheries Science Center (Santa Cruz,CA))
Rob Toonen (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)
2013 Advancing genetic diversity research in the Indian and Pacific Oceans
Mary Shenk (University of Missouri (Columbia,MO))
Daniel Hruschka (Arizona State University)
Rebecca Sear (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
2013 Integrating Evolutionary Models of Human Fertility Change
Pleuni Pennings (Stanford University (Stanford,CA))
Sarah Cobey (University of Chicago)
2013 Trends in the evolution of human viruses
Clint Kelly (Iowa State University (Ames,IA))
Michael Jennions (Australian National University)
2013 Advancing knowledge of evolutionary and ecological immunology