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Cephalopod genomics gets a boost

If octopuses, squids and cuttlefish are so cool, and so clever, how come there are no cephalopod genomes yet? A NESCent team aims to change all that. READ MORE>>

An evolutionary theory of dentistry

Why are our teeth so rotten? NESCent scientists examine the mismatch between our diets and lifestyles and those of our ancestors in a recent issue of Science Magazine. READ MORE>>

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Advancing genetic diversity research in the Indian and Pacific Oceans
13-Apr-2015 ~ 17-Apr-2015  Meeting
Phanerozoic body size trends in time and space: macroevolution and macroecology
24-Apr-2015 ~ 27-Apr-2015  Meeting
Tempo and mode of plant trait evolution: synthesizing data from extant and extinct taxa
29-Apr-2015 ~ 3-May-2015  Meeting
Evolutionary ecology of primate life histories
7-May-2015 ~ 11-May-2015  Meeting
Building non-model species genome curation communities
11-May-2015 ~ 15-May-2015  Meeting