Evolution blogging contest and travel award winners announced

We have our winners! Thanks to all the talented bloggers who entered this year’s evolution blogging contest, sponsored by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham, NC. The judges had an incredibly difficult time picking just two posts. Our top two finalists will receive $750 to offset travel expenses to ScienceOnline2011, to be held January 14-17 in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. We are pleased to announce two finalists, and a three-way tie for runner(s)-up. Without further ado, here they are:


SouthernPlaylisticEvolutionMusic: How some females respond to nuptial gifts. by Danielle Lee

Day's Edge Productions: Do mother birds play God? by Neil Losin

Honorable Mention

Southern Fried Science: Bed bugs: better bitten than smitten. by Andrew Thaler 
Save Your Breath for Running Ponies: You should probably just move oceans, male gulf pipefish. by Becky Crew 
Thoughtomics: Crabs expose colliding continents. by Lucas Brouwers 


Submissions to the 2010 blogging contest are in!

Thanks to all who applied for one of two $750 travel awards to ScienceOnline2011. Our fabulous contestants are listed below. We'll be back in touch by December 15th to announce the winners. Please stay tuned! In the meantime, you can meet the judges and learn more about the contest here:

Mammoth Tales:  Blood of the mammoth. by John McKay

Code for Life: Aww, crap. by Grant Jacobs

Save Your Breath for Running Ponies: You should probably just move oceans, male gulf pipefish. by Becky Crew

Day's Edge Productions: Do mother birds play God? by Neil Losin

Oh, for the Love of Science! Bufotoxin tolerance in keelback snakes: recent adaptation to a new threat, or preadaptation from an ancient foe? by Allie Wilkinson

Sleeping with the Fishes: Coddle me, please: parallel evolution and fisheries management in Atlantic cod. by Hannah Waters

Science 3.0: Lets talk about sex. by Mark Hahnel and Rayna Sam

SouthernPlaylisticEvolutionMusic: How some females respond to nuptial gifts. by Danielle Lee

Now Hear This: What the lungfish heard: clues to the ear's evolution. by Clark Baudin

A Replicated Typo: From natyural to nacheruhl: utterance selection and language change. by James Winters
The Thoughtful Animal: What can dolphins tell us about the evolution of friendship? by Jason Goldman

Anthropology in Practice: Faunal friends: evolution and the animal connection. by Krystal D'Costa
The Biology Files: Do females follow fads? by Emily Willingham

Southern Fried Science: A recipe for the evolution of smaller fish stocks? by Amy Freitag

Byte Size Biology: Well, color me surprised. by Iddo Friedberg
Thoughtomics: Crabs expose colliding continents. by Lucas Brouwers
Tom Paine's Ghost: BARP goes the weasel. by Kristopher Hite
Southern Fried Science: Bed bugs: better bitten than smitten. by Andrew Thaler
NeuroDojo: Eat ‘til you can’t eat no more: evolution of the pig-out. by Zen Faulkes


Win a travel award for best evolution-themed blog

Application deadline: December 1, 2010

Are you a blogger who is interested in evolution? The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) is offering two travel awards to attend ScienceOnline2011, a science communication conference to be held January 13-15, 2011, in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.

The awards offer the opportunity to travel to North Carolina to meet with several hundred researchers, writers, editors and educators to explore how online tools are changing the way science is done and communicated to the public. Each winner will receive $750 to cover travel and lodging expenses to attend the conference. For more information about ScienceOnline2011, visit http://scienceonline2011.com/.

To apply for an award, writers should submit a blog post that highlights current or emerging evolutionary research. In order to be valid, posts must deal with research appearing in the peer-reviewed literature within the last five years. Posts should be 500-1000 words, and must mention the NESCent contest. Two recipients will be chosen by a panel of judges from both NESCent and the science blogging community. Please send your name, contact information, the title and date of your blog post, and a URL to travel.award@nescent.org. Winners will be notified by December 15th, 2010.

For the results of last year's contest, visit http://www-dev.nescent.org/news/TravelAward.php.

For more information contact Craig McClain at cmcclain@nescent.org, or Robin Smith at rsmith@nescent.org.