Courses of 2008

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PAEMST Systematics Workshop

Dates: 29-Apr-2008

This problem space, Identifying Biocontrol Agents Through Applied Systematics was originally developed for the 2008 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. The problem set includes background information, tools and resources to explore the introduction of the bud-gall fly as a biocontrol agent for the invasive paperbark in Florida. The emphasis is on using a phylogenetic approach to identify and evaluate potential biocontrol agents.

Tools for Teaching Evolution

Dates: 29-May-2008

This workshop was designed to introduce participants to a collection of educational resources drawn from current evolution research projects. In addition to hands-on introductory sessions with these resources, participants received information about other relevant educational materials from BioQUEST and NESCent, and how to participate in the BioQUEST community.

Evolutionary Biology and Ontologies Workshop

Dates: 20-Jun-2008

The course is organized by NESCent and the National Center for Biomedical Ontologies (NCBO). "The workshop will focus on the application of ontologies in evolutionary biology and related disciplines, with a particular emphasis on studies of the phenotype."

Teaching An Elementary Story of Life

Dates: 14-Jul-2008 ~ 18-Jul-2008

Sponsored by the National Evolution Synthesis Center (NESCent) and Duke University, this workshop consisted of lessons for elementary science teachers and administrators to prepare their students in topics from the NC Standard Course of Study that deal with biology, ecology, and evolution.

Computational Phyloinformatics Summer Course 2008

Dates: 24-Jul-2008 ~ 4-Aug-2008

While books and courses on phylogenetics are common, it is harder to find information on how to script large-scale and complex analyses, or how to write your own scripts and programs. This course aims to address this gap by introducing these skills in a practical, hands-on setting at NESCent. This year's course focuses on hands-on training in Perl, Java, and R, three of the most popular languages in scripting and programming phylogenetic or comparative analysis workflows. The course is structured to allow students with less prior programming exposure to fully benefit from the material being taught.

NABT: Biogeography Symposium

Dates: 7-Oct-2008

Members of the Historical Biogeography working group developed and lead a workshop on biogeography for the classroom at the 2008 NABT conference. The session was organized by NESCentÂ’s EOG, and co-sponsored by NESCent and the National Center for Science Literacy, Education and Technology at the American Museum of Natural History.

NABT: Using Free, Intuitive Software to Explore Mysteries of Evolutionary History in the High School Biology Classroom

Dates: 16-Oct-2008

A workshop introducing an easy to use tool for constructing phylogenies. This workshop was organized by NESCent's EOG and sponsored by the Education Committee of the Society for the Study of Evolution.

NABT Evolution Symposium

Dates: 16-Oct-2008

The 2008 symposium focused on the benefits of applying evolutionary theory in biological sub-disciplines where evolutionary concepts have not traditionally played a prominent role. The four speakers offered examples of successful evolutionary based research in biochemistry, molecular biology and neurobiology. Resources to help educators bring this message back to their students can be found on the CD. The presentations and additional resources may be found with the speaker bios on the symposium website.

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NABT Evolution Symposium Education Resources Workshop

Dates: 17-Oct-2008

NABT Evolution Symposium Education Resources Workshop description: The workshop provided resources and training to support bringing the symposium materials into the classroom. Presenters from Understanding Evolution, BioQUEST, and NESCent offered hands-on introductions to activities that demonstrate applications of evolution.

Metadata Architectures and Applications

Dates: 17-Nov-2008

The NESCent Academy

Starting in 2011, all courses are being offered through the NESCent Academy. The Academy is a new, community-driven process for developing and offering short post-graduate courses in synthetic evolutionary science, as well as evolutionary biology workshops for educators. We asked you, the evolutionary biology community, to suggest course ideas, vote on your ideas and submit full proposals. Here is our list of 2011 courses. The NESCent Academy website has detailed information about instructors, dates and how to apply.

  • Evolutionary quantitative genetics: Steve Arnold and Joe Felsenstein
  • Next-gen sequencing: data acquisition, comparative genomics, design and analysis for population genetics, systematics and development: Brian O'Connor and Alexie Papanicolaou
  • Practical computing for biologists: Steve Haddock and Casey Dunn (co-sponsored by the Bioinformatics Research Center and Department of Genetics at North Carolina State University)
  • Computation phyloinformatics: Rutger Vos, Bill Piel and Christian Zmasek (offered by the Computational Biology Research Center in Tokyo, Japan and co-sponsored by NESCent)
  • Evolution and Medicine (offered by the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory and co-sponsored by NESCent)