Employment Opportunities at NESCent

Repository Programmer

Position Summary

A temporary position to assist with development of the Dryad software. The incumbent will assist in the continued development and refinement of Dryad and its interfaces with partners, in particular with the DataONE network. Duties include improving user interfaces; developing tools to repair corrupted data; developing automated test; correcting software defects; providing technical assistance to data curators and data submitters; and updating or creating technical documentation. See the full position description.

Scientific Application & Web Developer

Position Summary

A temporary position to develop software for both Dryad and NESCent, Dryad's host organization. Duties include interface and functional requirements gathering in collaboration with staff and visiting scientists; design of UI / UX solutions that meet those requirements; designing and implementing frontend and backend software for scientific web-applications; and designing and implementing programming APIs to scientific databases and repositories. See the full position description.